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Solar Power Systems

Ageco solar energy products and services include but not limited to designing, installing and commissioning of solar stand alone systems for lighting and powering appliances such as TV, refrigerators, radio and  phone charging; solar water pumps; solar street lighting and power backup systems used during utility grid power interruptions. We also install solar hybrid systems and rural electrification systems such as Mini-Grids, Micro-Grids and utility solar power plants. These systems provide almost the same quality of service as national grid. The advantages of using solar power take account of the fact that the power provided by solar systems is used 24 hour a day, 365 days a year where battery banks are responsible with power storage which is used at night and during cloudy and rainy days.

Common Solar Standalone and Mini-Grids Applications:

• Rural off-grid villages:  households, schools, hospitals, religious organizations

• Military outposts

• Mining sites

• Security facilities